Baldwin, NY


Utilizing all of her acquired professional skills April transitioned to television creating a better image for women in Reality TV: “Ny’s Women 2 Women”. This decision blossomed into a movement ultimately cultivating a culture of women in entertainment joining forces to provide more control over their image. April then franchised the brand by launching the independent “Women 2 Women” TV app, for the purpose of giving women more opportunity to produce, create, and direct. The “W2W” TV APP is launching on 9 different platforms. April is also launching her own television network: “True Eye” which will be available on Comcast, Big South, Xfinity and ROKU TV. Our aim and goal is to accommodate all creators of content the accessibility and opportunity to explore and generate vast sufficient gross revenue(s) and becoming their own successful business network operation(s). Ms. Watson has accomplished several successful fetes utilizing her professional skills, strengths, leadership, humanitarian goodwill and ability to form strong powerful synergistic network relationships, as one of her attributes enabling April ”Baby Watson” to build this conglomerate/enterprise in progress.

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April Women To Women TV is now a member of Urban Smart Network
Apr 13, 2022
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