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  • "YOUR POWER 'WEAPON" broadcast hosting Mr. James Spencer, US Marine Corps Veteran, community and political activist, residing in Inglewood, CA...this Sunday, June 7th at 10:00 am Pct - 1:00 pm Est.9028044064?profile=RESIZE_584x

  • "Your Power 'Weapon" This Sunday, May 30, th 10:00 am Pct and 1:00 pm Est Hosting, James Spencer, US Marine Corps Veteran, political activist, of Inglewood, CA.8995670064?profile=RESIZE_192X

  • The EMANIPATION PROCLAMATION IS The very first, initial, good step towards the full liberation and reconciliation by the designated, US federal government authoroties between, with, of and exclusively for American black peoples of the chattel slavery heriritage as it relates to those os 'white citizens in any efforts they may make for their actual freedorm from 245 years ofgenerational-destroying, chattel slavery initiatins with the ancient, African and notorious, Transtlantice Slavery Trade into the 13 originally, British jusrisdicted -England Royal family property America.

    The EM is the very foundation of the Triad Amendmants, they being: 13th Abolishment of slavery; The Civil Rignts of 1866, the Progenitor of the 14th Amendments, which is the exclusive,  federal, super, citizenship status of black citizens; the 15thm is the authrotity to govern all Americans citizens via the vote, etc., "for their actual freedom."

    Ninety-nine percent (99%) of black citizens are not aware of this sacred law, but Urban Smart Network is going to change all that, by GOD mercy.

    Check our "Your Power "Weapon" broadcast, every Sundy at 10:00 am Pct & 1:00 pm Est.

    You can catch the Episoded 1 and 2 at Event


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  • This Sundays’ April 10th. 10:00 am PCT and 1:00 am EST, on will be the first in a series of national video conferences on the 1866-68 Civil Rights/14th Amendment Act of the exclusive, federal super citizenship status of black citizens, entitled, “You Power ‘Weapon”.

    GOD willing, you will attend, and the message will mightily resonate with you.  Please feel free to invite your friends who are committed to the rectifications the 4002 years plight of our peoples unrequited injustices in America.

    Thanks, and see you zooming this Sunday,

    Your Servant

    Agape-Shalom! 8776833465?profile=RESIZE_400x

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Venice, CA


America's Foremost Civil Rights/Homelessness Resolution. Sent into this world by GOD in 1951 To Reveal The 155 Years Hidden Authority In The US Constitution That Mandates The Exclusive, Federal, Super Citizenship of Black Citizens, i.e., Descendants of this Union's Chattel Slavesal Authrority. Effectionately known by many as the "O-O G" Elder of Venice Beach, California, the Epicecenter of the Rebirth of Freedom For Our Republican Form of Government Authorized by We the People, That Will GOD-Bless the Whole World. Join the T.E.D. Force of Justive Love @ The "O-O G" Is Proud To Announce That Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Producer, Fredrick Douglass Harrison Is His Long Time ChildHoof Friend and Brother of Havere de Grace and Aberdeen, Maryland of Harford County, Consisting also of Edgwood and Bel Air. Barach HaShem and Shalom!

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