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For more information about Mr. Citizen Patriot please visit www.mrpatriot.us8674116260?profile=RESIZE_710xThe Irony of Mr. Citizen Patriot:
Other than the Indigenous Peoples ("American Indians"), if any Americans have the moral, Civil and international human laws right to condemn the history of the USA and its present state of its black citizens, it's those of chattel slavery heritage.

Naturally, it would be thought that the black man in the so called, "Uncle Sam" outfit would be doing just that, but instead, this characher has cleverly and wisely, siezed upon the national narrative of American Patriotism. He calls it the "Capture the Flag" Strategy.  Learn it!  It's unexpected Power!

He contends, that based on the "hidden" or little known 1866-68 Civil Rights/14th Amendment Act of federal, super citizenship for black citizens, i.e., descendants of chattel slaves, et al, and his "capture the flag" strategy, the long awaited for-reals "Black Power" movement to "justice for all", will finally ignite for our own sakes and that of this Union Republic.  Yay-Yay!

Please visit: "Black Power and Authority of The Act" at or You Tube ADOS/ADOcS 14th Amendment Promissory Note and

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  • By secret design of the greatest enemies in America to us, black citizens, sole-exclusive possessors of the 1866-68 Civil Rights/14th Amendment, Federal, Super Citizenship, to dissuade them/us of our real "Black Power" authority in the US Constitution.

    Interesting, how these domestic enemies tell us black super citizens not to pay attention to the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, because, according to them, we are not in those foundational documents.

    As they say, "If you want to hide truth from black folks, simple put it in a book, or write in documentation, or, hide in the Constitution in plain sight, but right under their noses and hope that they don't happen to get a whiff of it."

    Talk about being "woke" Hmmmmm!?!?

    At your service, Ted aka Mr. C. Patriot, Number One, Supa Baaad Brother Citizen. - Check it out!
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