Stop saying America is racist! 

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Stop saying America is racist! @montaga 


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  • Wow! Righteous @montago! Shalom brother. Telling like it is. Thanks for your words of thoughtful insight. You speak the unspoken, but felt sentiments of 95% of our peoples.

    Of course, our "black peoples" will hypocritically, but correctly castigate America as "racist", etc., yet they/we continue to participate in that which they/we rightly criticize.

    This self-destructive behavior hinges on exactly what you are justifiably pronouncing and challenging us with.

    However, the reason that they/we can't seem to answer your question effectively and aggressively arise to your challenges, is because they/we don't know what our identity, hence, purpose is in this United States of America, even defined by its Constitution.

    I invite you, your listeners/viewers to join me on my broadcast every Sunday at 10:00 am Pct - 1:00 pm Est, entitled, "Your Power "Weapon", whereby I'm expounding on the merits, virtues and absolute authority-power, exclusively invested within us once "hidden" deep withing in the Constitutions, 1866 Civil Rights/14th Amendment Act of special, Federal, Super Citizenship Status solely and exclusively to/of Black Citizens

    It's due to this ignorance that we behave ourselves in this self-destructive manners as you've correctly described. We behave even as gifted geniuses "acts out" when he/she is unable to fully express their passionate art or messaging.

    See | | | check me out on Instagram, Face Book, You Tube, "Ted Hayes and Homelessness" Also, You Tube ADOS-ADOcS 14thh Amendment Promissory Note. Call 424-248-4219 or

    Thanks and blessings for your courageous leadership,

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