Venice Library Park Homeless Encampment Clearing - Ted Hayes

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THE June 14th GREAT, LA CITY HOMELESS "LEAF BLOWER" EFFECT America's Leading Civil Rights/Homelessness Resolution activist...

Arrested For Protecting Homeless, US Citizens

Please see this short video about the "leaf blowing" effect shut down and bulldozing of the de facto, "Justiceville II" encampment in Centennial Park which once surrounded the Abbott Kinney Memorial Library located at 501 S. Venice Blvd., Venice Beach, California.

This particular, controversial encampment was allowed to fester and grow in numbers and complexities since October 2021.

Then suddenly, upon learning of my presence and resolution intentions, in order to prevent the development of a challenging, homeless persons, body politic for justice, my friend, the Hon. LA Mayor, Eric Garcetti had the encampment "leaf blowed" away, even as another Hon. LA Mayor friend, Tom Bradley did in 1985 to the first-original, trendsetting Justiceville in Skid Row.

This LA "leaf blowing" of fellow human beings, is a prime example of the insane practice of "history repeating itself."

This uncivilized, dehumanizing, criminal practice must be immediately ceased. Please share this video abroad.

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"Justiceville", 1988 Emmy Award winning short documentary at!Alcv5yW1d3E3jw1IshUUdcniFI6W?e=M0p1Gq  

Note: This is where it all began, 37 years ago. As it was then, so it is today, but larger and more complex, portending a tragic future for our Republic.

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FOX 11 News Documentary, "Lost Angeles, City of Homeless"

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